The Associated Students of Southern Oregon University (ASSOU) is the official student government of SOU. ASSOU is comprised of representatives elected and appointed to serve the needs of our university students. It consists of three main governmental branches -- Executive, Legislative, and Judicial -- which abide by ASSOU's constitution and guidelines within a maintained balance of power. 

The primary purpose of ASSOU is to provide advocacy for students on local, state, and national levels. Through the proper allocation of time and resources, ASSOU provides a wide variety of student-oriented initiatives and services. Among these are student vote campaigns, funding for clubs and organizations, sustainable innovations, state/national legislative representation, community service opportunities, and much more.  

ASSOU encourages students to voice their opinions concerning issues affecting them and to get involved in their student government. The  ASSOU website is designed to help students better understand the goals and work of ASSOU, so that they might find greater access to the many opportunities awaiting them at Southern Oregon University. Have a question or a comment? 
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